Marketing Manager Good Food Ingredients at Avebe

Jaap is a Wageningen University graduate who has been working for more than 25 years at Avebe UA, the world leader in potato-based food ingredients, with a strong focus on plant-based foods, such as alternatives to meat and dairy. He is Marketing and Innovation specialist in B2B food market with extensive international experience and multiple speaking engagements at various food ingredient courses and conferences. Jaap has a long track record in launching new innovative specialty concepts to the market, some of which are Eliane®waxy potato starch, PerfectasolTM texture solutions for plant-based foods and Solanic®potato protein – all of which are winning ingredients for food manufacturers who want to meet consumer demands for better health, better sustainability and better animal welfare. Jaap's passion lies in pioneering with innovative food ingredients: Believe in the potential of your innovation and you will find a market when you listen to your prospects and customers carefully!