Co-Founder at WiseFins

Jerome started his journey in the food and hospitality business at the age of 16 years old and has since worked in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Dubai and Singapore. More than two years ago Jerome has decided to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and since then has worked tirelessly to change the landscape in the hotel and restaurant industry. In the capacity of Director of Food & Beverage for Grand Hyatt Singapore he was the first to implement a 100% plant-based lunch offer and created the first fine dining vegan event in Singapore, as well as positioning the Grand Hyatt Singapore as the venue for the launch of Green Monday Singapore. Jerome is most recognized for pioneering the introduction of alternative proteins in the South East Asian market. He was the first to successfully launch the Beyond Burger, JUST Egg, Omnipork and Beyond Sausage in South East Asia whilst positioning Grand Hyatt Singapore as a trailblazer in Sustainability, Plant-Based lifestyle and Food Tech adoption in the region, inspiring a host of other hotels and restaurants to follow suit. In early 2019, Jerome decided to move back to Europe and focus on his newfound passion for the world of Alternative Proteins. Here, he co-founded WiseFins, aiming to revolutionise the world of hospitality by converting it into a clean and compassionate industry by 2050. Their objective is to achieve full sustainable self-sufficiency in hospitality through tech integration and circular economies in all of the projects they take on.