Chicken farmer and Co-founder of Kipster

Ruud Zanders grew up amongst chickens. Now he connects people and developes concepts for Healthy Poultry Farming. Ruud was number two in the sustainable top 100 (2018) of the daily Dutch newspaper Trouw. In 2019, he was the number one of the Sprout Challenger50 and the jury called him the ‘Elon Musk of the agricultural sector'. Ruud is co-founder of Kipster, a sustainable chicken farm. An important issue people are facing is how we will feed the growing world population in a fair way. Without overexploiting nature, without excluding people and without tormenting animals. What today we perceive as a low price for food is in fact a high price paid elsewhere – the way we produce food comes at the expense of the environment, animals, farmers, and our children. We know that this can be done in a fairer way and turn words into deeds at Kipster.

My Session

My Sessions

Day 1 (23.04)
5:35 pm
6:20 pm
Mind the (supply) gap: How to bridge the shift towards new protein plants and what role farmers play in that equation
Panel discussion Moderation: Jeroen Willemsen