NFC 2021

Virtual New Food Conference 2021

In its first completely virtual edition, the New Food Conference united food-industry professionals from across the sector in their vision to drive forward innovative solutions and technologies in the alternative-protein space. The programme covered the whole plant-based value chain, from agriculture to ingredients, retail, and food service to startups and investment, while also touching on the current state of cellular agriculture. The event was delivered via a state-of-the-art digital platform that allowed people to easily and conveniently connect online and expand their networks.

Sold out – more than 350 participants from 32 countries.

Diverse attendance: attendees from the food industry, retail, foodservice, and finance sector, as well as start-ups, NGOs, media, and others – with corporate attendees comprising the largest share by far.

2,200+ people watched the livestream.

On site start-up product launches.

A global network
More than 400 participants
from 30+ countries attended.
50+ international speakers from all areas of the alternative-protein field shared their knowledge and inspired change.
NFC attendees scheduled a staggering 450+ 1-on-1 meetings during the two-day conference in order to connect with other professionals.
Press coverage
The event attracted the presence of numerous journalists, resulting in extensive press coverage in key B2B media outlets, thus delivering the discussion topics directly to food-industry players
Virtual exhibition
More than twenty pioneering companies and startups presented their products in the virtual exhibition space.

Consumers are asking for plant-based and sustainability, and restaurants should hop on that train. You can put yourself out there between that big bucket of restaurants and differentiate yourself by going plant based.

Jerome Pagnier

We are seeing a triple-digit growth rate for plant-based cheese. The pandemic has accelerated the demand, showing that consumers understand the impact of their diet on the climate and increasingly care about their health and the planet.

Dr Kai-Brit Bechtold
ProVeg International

Taste and smell is all inherent, that’s the beauty of cell-based seafood.

Sandhya Sriram
Shiok Meats

You don’t change the world by selling less meat to vegetarians. Our vision was simply: let’s make meat out of plants and sell it to meat-lovers.

Will Schafer
Beyond Meat

The health aspects of plant-based meat is the elephant in the room that will make or break the industry. At least in Asia. It will be those companies looking at the product fundamentally from the nutritional and processing sides of things – giving people the feeling they are still eating meat, just way healthier.

Winnie Leung
Bits x Bites

We can simply not afford preserving what we know are unsustainable norms or trying to protect something which is outdated.

Cecilia McAleavey

At Capital V, 50% of the start-up investments are going to female founders. They make more successful companies. It’s simply a safer bet to invest in women.

Michiel van Deursen
Capital V

To engage people is part of the trip. Sometimes you have to say things over and over again. The food industry has always been very innovative and although often humans don’t like change to begin with, they end up embracing it if you deliver solutions.

Iñigo Charola


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