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The New Food Conference brings together thought leaders across various industries in order to accelerate developments in the field of plant-based and cultivated food innovations, inviting them to present their inspiring stories and to engage in lively discussions. Stay tuned as we will finalize the programme with more high-profile speakers within the next weeks.

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As a German proverb goes – the way to the heart is through the stomach. We will gather premium exhibitors to showcase their plant-based innovations, allowing attendees to get a taste of the future of food. Full exhibitor list is coming soon.

Passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs with bold ideas are the driving force of change. Stay tuned as we will recruit innovative startups working on plant, fungi, recombinant, and cultured alternatives to replace the use of animals in the food system.

Want to join? Interested startup founders can apply for a slot in the pitch session by emailing newfoodconference@proveg.comThe deadline for submissions is Friday, 14 February 2020.


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