Overall Attendance
Approximately 400 participants
International Participation
5 continents represented (Oceania, Asia, Europe, North and South America), 20 countries represented
Presenters & Speakers
Over 75 Speakers
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Full programme
10 hours of programming plus 5 hours of networking opportunities
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Sponsors, Partners & Start-ups
Over 22 international supporters joined
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Investment deals
At least 75 Million US-Dollar available from participating investors per investment deal

Today’s programme completely exceeded our expectations. About 400 participants from the world’s most exciting food startups coming together in one space with the world’s most forward-thinking investors. This is how you change the global food system.

Jens Tuider
International Director, ProVeg International

The world’s first New Food Invest has brought together a large number of high level investors with unique start-ups in key regions. We will see the fruits of this legendary matchmaking in the alternative protein sector in years to come.

Claire Smith
CEO Beyond Investing and Co-Founder Beyond Animal

Most dairy players are integrating into their growth strategy more and more plant-based options. After milk and yogurt, plant-based cheese is a huge growth avenue in the dairy alternative space. The future is very exciting on that side.

Jean-Francois Hurel
Chief Investment Officer at Danone Manifesto Ventures

Not every solution needs to be a deeptech solution, I would encourage (entrepreneurs) to think about the myriad of pain points in our food system.

Josh Tetrick
CEO of Eat Just

It will not go backwards, it will only scale, and the more people that jump into it and do it well, the better.

Heather Mills
CEO at VBites

I am excited to see the power shift in our food system towards the consumers. It used to be that the food industry controlled and drove our choices. Now we see consumers drive the explosion in plant-based foods. It is a very exciting time to be part of this movement.

Seth Goldman
Chief Change Agent at Eat The Change

The financing is available and the rewards for both the entrepreneurs, and the investors, that will bring the next generation 2.0 solutions to market are really sizable.

Eric Archambeau
CIO Astanor Ventures

Altogether (animal alternatives) forms an enormous total addressable market of, we estimate, 5 trillion US-dollars, or around a quarter of the size of the US economy.

Jim Mellon
Director, Agronomics

We’re still in the first or second innings, if you look at household penetration, in vegan cheese only 2%, so a huge percentage of the population still don’t know that plant alternatives exist, I think we have another 10-15 years of really solid growth in this arena, before we are where plant-based milk is today.

Miyoko Schinner
CEO of Miyoko’s Creamery

What is surprising is how slow big companies join the movement. We need to get those elephants in the room to have a bigger impact.

Alan Hahn
CEO at MycoTechnology, Inc.

We’re all excited by more activity in the space, in anything we are way below 1% of the total investment opportunity, there’s a lot more to come. Large multinational food and pharma are getting in, and it’s good for all of us.

Lou Cooperhouse
CEO of BlueNalu

If you give someone a hamburger from Beyond Meat and he or she likes it, that is a win and that is what we are trying to do for all products.

Dan Altschuler Malek
Unovis Asset Management and New Crop Capital

You could say there is a wall of capital (entering the space) at the moment, but we need investment to integrate vertically into our supply chain, and produce not only cheap products but healthy products.

Morten Toft Bech
Founder, Meatless Farm

New Food Invest 2021

Dear participant,
On behalf of ProVeg and Beyond Animal, we would like to send you our most sincere thanks for your participation and valuable contribution at the New Food Invest virtual conference.

The feedback on the event has been tremendous and reflects the high quality of the speakers, their inspiring and impactful discussions, and the immense support provided by our Key Conference Sponsors Astanor Ventures,Good Seed Ventures and Emmi Schweiz AG and our Corporate Supporters Black & Veatch and Agronomics as well as our Advisory Board members, for which we express our heartfelt appreciation.

We hope that you also enjoyed the event and are grateful for the time that you spent with us.
Of course if there is any feedback that you have that would enable us to improve, we would be happy to hear it.

Aside from your support on the day, we are grateful also for the help that was provided in terms of ideas, suggestions and connections, which was of great assistance in bringing together such a superb speaker line-up for our audience.

Should you have colleagues or business contacts who missed the event to whom you wish to offer access to the content, please let us know and we will be glad to provide access to view recordings.
Our connections and funding platform is designed to be of service to the industry of plant-based, alternative protein, cruelty-free and sustainable food and materials and we want you all to succeed in your endeavours - to bring about a kinder, cleaner, healthier world.

If Beyond Animal or ProVeg can be of further assistance to you please get in touch!

New Food Invest 2022

ProVeg and Beyond Animals are proud to announce the virtual New Food Conference 2022 taking place on 27 October 2022
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