New Food Invest 2023

Dear valued NFI Asia 2023 participants and contributors,

On behalf of co-host ProVeg and event organizer Beyond Animal, we would like to send you our most sincere thank you note for your participation and valuable contribution to the New Food Invest Asia virtual conference which took place on 15 February 2023.

The feedback on the event has been very positive and reflects the diversity, high quality of the speakers, and thorough and impactful panel discussions. We are grateful for our Key Conference Supporter ‘Beyond Impact’ and our event sponsor MECO.‍

We hope you also enjoyed the event and its tremendous networking opportunities–which we hope you are leveraging.  While evaluating our event, we always embrace constructive feedback and welcome your ideas, allowing us to further shape the NFI format. We are grateful for your feedback and contribution to our NFI EMEA Survey: Here is the link to the survey:

Moving forward: We look forward to welcoming you to our New Food Invest North and South America – the dates will be announced soon.‍

Our networking opportunity, connections, and funding platform are designed to be of service to the future of this critical industry of plant-based, alternative protein, cruelty-free, and innovative-sustainable food solutions, and we want you all to succeed and thrive in your endeavors.‍
If Beyond Animal or ProVeg can be of further assistance to you, please get in touch!‍

Your Beyond Animal and ProVeg Team

Overall Attendance
Approximately 200 participants
International Participation
The NFI Asia focused specifically on the Asian-Pacific market with various countries represented - including participation from around the world.
Presenters & Speakers
Over 50 Speakers contributed to the NFI Asia programme and different panels
Full programme
5 hours of programming and networking opportunities
Pitching Start-Ups
See programme and post-event press release for all details
Pre and Post Event Press Release

It was a fantastic opportunity for plant-based companies and investors to get together, to fully understand the landscape in Asia for plant-based companies and, of course, to get involved in dealmaking to accelerate innovative products to market.

Antje Raeuscher
Co-Head of ProVeg Incubator

There is strong interest in the plant-based market globally and it is a market that continues to grow at a swift pace, and especially in Asia Pacific, which is fast catching up with Europe and the Americas. Many companies and investors recognise the value of a conference like New Food Invest, which is exclusively focused on overcoming the challenges of the current funding environment and taking advantage of the opportunities that it offers.

Claire Smith
Founder of Beyond Investing at Beyond Animal

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