NFC 2022

New Food Conference 2022

The fourth edition of the New Food Conference successfully brought together experts and professionals from the food industry to discuss the latest developments of animal alternatives in order to drive food innovations.

The carefully crafted programme included talks and panels on topics such as functional ingredients, consumer bahaviour, startups, investment and marketing advice for plant-based as well as cultured meat, fish and dairy products. Thus, also showcasing the potential of cellular agriculture and precision fermentation for the production of environmentally sound alternatives to animal products.

Held in the heart of Berlin, the Axica conference and event venue provided an inspiring setting to exchange ideas with like-minded experts and gain insights into the future food system.

Sold out – more than 350 participants from 32 countries.

Diverse attendance: attendees from the food industry, retail, foodservice, and finance sector, as well as start-ups, NGOs, media, and others – with corporate attendees comprising the largest share by far.

2,200+ people watched the livestream.

On site start-up product launches.

A global network
More than 400 participants
from 20+ countries attended.
45+ international speakers from all areas of the alternative-protein field shared their knowledge and inspired change.
10+ hours of networking during the event including our networking event after the first conference day.
Press coverage
The event attracted the presence of numerous journalists, resulting in extensive press coverage in key B2B media outlets, thus delivering the discussion topics directly to food-industry players
Exhibition & Startup area
More than 30 pioneering companies and startups presented their products in the exhibition space.

Cellular agriculture is all about changing the process, not the food.

Mathilde Alexandre
ProVeg International

We just use cells for cultured meat that don’t need fetal cow serum – it’s that simple.

Daan Luining

In 3-5 years, we'll more likely see hybrid products than cultured whole cuts on the market.

Dr. Hannah Lester
AMGEN Consulting and Gourmey

It’s really about diversifying to drive innovation of plant-based meat products, e.g. clean label products, sustainable products or health products.

Nicole Jansen
Innova Market Insights

We believe that the food system has to change, as we cannot achieve climate neutrality if 50% of our products are made of meat.

Patrick Bühr
Rügenwalder Mühle

Retailers today want brands that really add a value to the category. It’s about quality and investment in the brand.

Edwin Bark
Redefine Meat

We need to go mainstream with plant-based products - and we can only do that if the quality and taste are great.

Henrik Lund
Naturli Foods

Cheese made from presission fermentation is something that we’ll see on the market in the next five years.

Melina Sánchez Montañés
Principal and Vice President Impact at AENA

We now have a mature market for plant-based cheese. The consequences: more price pressure, more diversification and a more versatile raw material base

Caroline Zimmer
Managing Director at E.V.A GmbH (Simply V)


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