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Photographs from the first edition of the New Food Conference in 2019 at Kalkscheune, Berlin.


Plant-based foods – a booming market

The conference takes place against a backdrop of consistently rapid growth in the plant-based sector. Learn more about the statistics and numbers behind the transformation that is currently taking place in the food industry.

Food and Pandemics Report

SARS-CoV-2, widely known as the coronavirus, has had a huge impact on all of our lives and changed the way we live. By exploring the crucial connection between the current crisis and our animal-based food system, the ProVeg Food & Pandemics Report highlights how our food choices help to create a recipe for zoonotic pandemics. By shifting to plant-based and cultured foods, we can help to minimise the risk of future pandemics as well as helping to resolve many of the other key challenges we face, including climate change, biodiversity loss, world hunger, antimicrobial resistance, and the rise of other food-related diseases.

Plant Milk Report

ProVeg’s first report on plant milk shines a light on the top-selling product in the entire plant-based-alternatives market. Based on current studies, this detailed report explores the role that plant milks can play in terms of global health and sustainable nutrition, from producers through to distributors and consumers.
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