CEO, Co-founder, Technology strategist, mentor expert at Beyond Animal

Dhanesh comes with over 24 years of experience in IT and digital technologies. In the past he has worked at some of the well-known Swiss banks, global technology consulting companies and insurance companies in senior roles for 20 years. Dhanesh has lead development of large scale, strategic software platforms in these roles with global teams of over 100 IT professionals. Since the last four years, Dhanesh has embarked upon a journey to fulfill his passion of making use of IT innovation for bringing a positive impact in the society, primarily towards increasing the market share of animal-free options across the board, globally. Dhanesh is also a mentor expert and judge at Mass Challenge start-up accelerator and is on the expert assessment panel at Solar Impulse Foundation. Dhanesh who is also a Jain, lives in Lausanne, Switzerland with his wife and daughter.