Emmi Schweiz AG

Emmi is a major Swiss milk processor. The company dates back to 1907, when it was founded by 62 dairy farming cooperatives around Lucerne. Over the past 20 years, Emmi has grown into an international, listed group. It has for many years pursued a successful strategy based on three pillars: strengthening its Swiss domestic market, international growth and rigorous cost management. Throughout its corporate history, Emmi’s keen awareness of its responsibility to society, animal welfare and the environment has been fundamental to its mission.

In Switzerland, the Emmi Group has 25 production sites. Abroad, Emmi and its subsidiaries have a presence in 14 countries, eight of which have production facilities. Roughly half of its CHF 3.7 billion in sales – around 10 % of which stems from organic products – is generated in Switzerland, the other half abroad. More than two-thirds of its nearly 8,700 employees now work at locations outside of Switzerland.

Dairy products of all kinds are Emmi's core business. But Emmi has also been producing vegan products since 1994. Emmi started with the production of alternative dairy products based on soy. Today, in addition to soy, we also produce with almonds, rice, oats, coconut and lupins as a basis. In 2020, Emmi launched its own vegan brand beleaf. "Don't waste your taste" is our slogan and ambition: provide the most tasteful plant based product plattform that covers all dairy moments and that appeals to everyone.

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